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"Our dream is to create an Artribe in every neighbourhood. Each Artribe will be led by seniors inspired by our programmes."
Since July 2019, Artify Studio started Artribe in its space along Textile Centre. Starting with the seniors from a Peace-Connect Cluster Operator in our neighbourhood, we have built a small group of lovely and conscientious individuals who are passionate about learning.
为梦想为慈善 画室老板3年来只领800元月薪
A Pancake Princess
After the riotous time that David had at March’s Art Camp with Artify Studio, I knew that I had to sign him up for another one this June hols – so I did!
A Pancake Princess
Unlike most art centres in Singapore, Jae subscribes to the idea that children don’t need you to set up too many structures and steps for them – they just need to be inspired and then to have the freedom and resources to create.
ARTIFY: Let go of perfection
ARTIFY is an art studio located at Textile Center, just off North Bridge Road. A friend recommended their art jamming evening sessions (7pm - 10pm). The studio is located on the 8-9 floor, accessible by lifts 7 or 8. It feels very platform 9 3/4. It was structured very much like a dormitory, but with little stairs to each door. Perhaps because Textile Center is a very old building, its interiors were very unique to us.
Asia One
Bored of the usual movie and dining date? It's probably about time that you surprised your date with something completely different. It is important for couples to keep their relationships alive and interesting by going through different experiences.
Art does not need only talent and creativity. It is important to make many mistakes, take time to grow, and create something that suits you. Our studio started with Singaporean staff who are passionate about creating an environment where students can experience picture learning.
City Nomads
Tuck into a hearty buffet spread, and once you’ve had your fill, you pick how much to pay. Sounds too good to be true? Believe it or not, paying as you wish (PAYW) is no novel concept in Singapore. We check out five PAYW places – from eateries and tea salons to yoga and art studios – that are still going strong in their respective industries.
Confessions of a Mumzilla
At Artify Studio yesterday: Adam had transformed an unwanted piece of canvas by another person into this cubism (theory of applying distorted lines and geometry) Spidey.
Took him several lessons to get the final painting.
Cycle & Carriage
Unleash your child’s creativity at Artify Studio, which organises parent-child art jamming sessions. All art materials – canvases, paintbrushes, palettes, aprons and, yes, unlimited paints – will be provided, so you’ll only need to bring along your imagination! Soft guidance will be offered to kids who need it, with each session having teacher-student ratio of one to four.
Deenise Glitz
The recommended amount is $35 per person for each session. And this includes 16″ x 20″ or 16″ x 16 ” Canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, palette and apron. Not to mention that they also provide a free flow of drinks and snacks which I thought it was a pleasant gesture. Anyhow, I decided to join in one of their art jamming session on a Public Holiday. Mind you, the places get taken up really fast!
Design Bridge
In celebration of a great year of team work and to bring everyone together, rather than our usual trip to the pub, the Mondelēz and Unilever teams in Singapore decided to do something a little bit different. Run by a local art school in Singapore called Artify Studio, we went along to a 3 hour painting class to flex our creative skills in a new way.

Similar to Art Jam sessions in London, the objective of Artify’s classes is to free up your imagination and paint whatever you like.
Expat Choice
In addition to regular classes for kids aged 4 and up (they’ve got classes for grown ups too, mama!), Artify has a cool slate of one-off art jams for kids, with all materials and soft guidance provided, so little ones need only bring a healthy dose of imagination.
Liberty Art Jam was initially nothing but a dream.
Built from scratch, we created a space where people can paint and pay based on The Honour System.

After years of countless tweaks and support from the community, Liberty Art Jam officially launched as an indie studio in April 2017.
Her World
If you and your muse have a bit of an artistic streak, Art Jamming is definitely the way to spend a relaxing afternoon together. Sit yourselves down at some easels and let your imaginations take the lead. Artify Studio’s Liberty Art Jam sessions offer unlimited paint supplies and light refreshments on the side. All you’ll need is a reservation and just a little bit of inspiration.
Unleash your inner picasso at these art-loving spots in Singapore that provide you with everything you need for freestyle painting, including brushes, colours, and even tea.
Jocina: Canvas Collective Review
All materials are provided for - aprons, paint, the canvases, brushes, even sample pictures/photos for inspiration of what you'll like to draw (: Snacks and drinks are also provided if you get hungry!
Lil Blue Bottle
K was super excited to attend Artify’s June Holiday Class entitled “Whimsical Island“, after we had such a fun time there at the Father’s Day special class (more on that later). We had received an invitation to review their holiday camp in March but had to miss it since we were travelling, so K was so pleased to be able to finally attend the full day camp (from 10am to 4pm)!
Little Steps
Looking for a secret art studio, we’ve found it. Artify is a hidden little haven we love to get creative in.

In the day, it is a place for children to learn, have fun, and explore their creativity. At night, the studio transforms into a charming area for adults to hang out and experience new painting methods.

They have some great programs for kids and adults. For kids try the art jamming class or art camp in the school holidays. For mom and dad there’s evening art classes they can enjoy.
Mum's Calling
The theme of the Art camp was, 'Into the Wild.' You guessed it, it was art centered around Mother nature. I love it that a theme gives them a focus and direction.

The kids started their day with a mini adventure outdoor to collect leaves. All sorts of fallen browns leaves that come in different sizes and patterns were adopted into their plastic container.
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